The BCPC wants to help those facing a fight with cancer by offering a network of breast cancer survivors who are happy to help other woment who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, melanoma, or any other cancer. Mentors are familiar with the processes involved and understand what steps are important.

If you are a newly diagnosed, currently in treatment, experiencing a recurrence, or another survivor who wishes to speak with others, the BCPC mentors are here to help you. They will also offer support to family, spouses, partners or caregivers as needed.

Feel free to call any of our mentors listed below. Or, you can click here to here request that someone from BCPC contact you.

  • Laura Lusk (Breast Cancer)
    (803) 279-6293
  • Nita Zachow (Breast Cancer)
    (803) 279-6019
  • Suzanne Allen (Breast Cancer)
    (706) 738-0086
  • Myrle Wilson (Breast Cancer)
    (803) 279-3362
  • Linda Carrne (Breast Cancer)
    (803) 278-4755
  • Sheila Connell (Breast Cancer)
  • Sara Mantel (Stage 4 Breast Cancer)
    (803) 279-7697
  • Jane Faircloth (Melanoma Cancer)
    (803) 279-4588
  • Chris Wingeier (Melanoma Cancer
  • Cleste Spence (Endometrial Cancer)
    (706) 830-1877
  • Anna Ruzzy (GIST Cancer)
    (803) 640-7078
  • Annette Morris (Bladder Cancer)
    (803) 663-3755
  • Mary Schaefer (Bladder Cancer)
    (803) 278-5393
  • Dave Patton (Colon Cancer)
    (803) 278-6802

We also welcome those who wish to become mentors. We welcome both men and women.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.