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BCPC Wants Your Story to Share with Others

BCPC member Celeste Spence is leading the effort to set up a BCPC Speaker’s Bureau and assemble a Testimony Book(let).   Speakers will be asked to share their “cancer stories” with small and large groups of folks who are interested in cancer research and prevention. BCPC will use the Testimony Books with newly diagnosed cancer patients, relatives and friends who need to see “hope” and reality from people who have walked the walk and faced the enemy, cancer.

We encourage anyone who has experienced cancer personally, or has shared a cancer diagnosis with a loved one, to write about the experience and e-mail it to Celeste at  All stories will be edited by a team of English teachers and will be printed grammatically correct. The length of one’s story can range from a few paragraphs to 5-10 pages.

Please send us your “Cancer Story”  today.

E-mail your story to


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BCPC Volunteer News

Marliyn Opens Appreciation GiftOn Wednesday, April 13th, BCPC volunteers at the MCG Cancer Center were given appreciation gifts and a wonderful luncheon. BCPC’s Cancer Center volunteers include Linda Nidiffer, Mary Beth Smith, Jacque Tarquin, Marilynn Morguson, Michelle Randrup, Nancy Steinhaus, Nancy Evans, Suzanne Allen, Karen Eckert and Nita Zachow.

BCPC board member Nita Zachow said that she personally wants to thank each one of our dedicated volunteers for giving of their time to help others.

Mary Beth with Appreciation GiftMore Volunteer Opportunities

The Cancer Center has seen a tremendous increase in patients over the past few months. We are in need of someone who would like to be a “greeter” and give patients information. The hours needed for this volunteer service is 9:15 until 12:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please let Nita know if you can help. It will be greatly appreciated!

Plans are underway to expand the program for mentoring to newly diagnosed cancer patients. More details will be given in a

Nita with appreciation gift

few weeks. If you are interested in being a mentor, please contact Nita.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Michelle Randrup for keeping BCPC’s blog updated. She is a marvelous webmaster!


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