About Us

Dr. Margaret Devore, a retired physician with the Medical College of Georgia (MCG), was one of the first and a major financial contributor in sponsoring the Breast Cancer Prevention Coalition for non-profit status. Being a breast cancer survivor, she realized the need for this coalition in helping move MCG forward with local fundraising for breast cancer research and volunteer efforts. So was born the BCPC.

In 2009, BCPC executive committee members Dr. Margaret Devore, Dr. Celeste Spence, Nita Zachow and Jane Faircloth, met with Dr. Bhalla, head of the Medical College of Georgia Cancer Center. Both Dr. Bhalla and his staff were most eager to work with the Breast Cancer Prevention Coalition and realize that the cure for cancer will come through research. Through this process, we all learned that it takes a huge amount of money to hire the best scientests and fund research.

Thus, the mission of the Breast Cancer Prevention Coalition is to both support research for finding a cure to this disease as well as offer our support to anyone who is struggling with it. Most of our members have experienced the fight with breast cancer, and many are eager to share their experiences, faith and wisdom with those who are starting down that road. Life is a gift. Our mission is about sharing that gift.

BCPC Officers

President – Nita Zachow

Vice President – Karen Eckert

Secretary – Becky Scupin

Treasurer – Mary Beth Smith

Executive Committee – Margaret DeVore, Jane Faircloth, Celeste Spence, Karen Eckert, Mary Beth Smith, Nita Zachow

Webmaster – Michelle Randrup

BCPC Members